Network Connectivity

New technology applications are introduced every day, often exceeding the capabilities of your organization’s existing infrastructure. With cloud technology, you are able to maintain your current IT operations while taking advantage of new technologies more rapidly and avoiding additional capital expenses. Endeavor Managed Services can deliver the right cloud solutions to let you grow, move, and change directions without fear of lost investment.



Webex Calling (Verizon) combines Webex Calling service with the power of IP Trunking service to create a multi-featured advanced communications system. It provides PBX in-the-cloud features, instant messaging and presence with flexible advanced routing and on-net calling capabilities via IP Trunking available globally.


Verizon Business Digital Voice is a VoIP product that transmits voice calls in the highest quality possible over the internet rather than over a traditional phone network. With Business Digital Voice, your customers can make and take calls on a fixed phone line while taking full advantage of over 30 features that aren’t available with traditional lines.


High-capacity SIP connection that links customer’s IP PBX to Verizon’s network backbone. IP Trunking gives your customers the features they need to keep their employees connected. Interoperability. Leading service level agreements. Communication on and off-net. Verizon IP Trunking gives customers two different access types, at a wide range of speeds: Internet Dedicated Access and Private IP.


Whether it’s using advanced communications services to drive contact center infrastructure improvements or deploying other business communications technologies to help increase a customer’s agility, Verizon’s solutions keep employees connected so businesses can move forward as one. Explore Verizon’s business communications solutions to accelerate your customers’ organizations and drive better results.


Sova/Endeavor is a preferred master agent for Verizon security solutions. Verizon’s nine global Security Operations Centers analyze billions of events every year. We can help your team develop strategies that drive results. From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our support teams can help accelerate your security transformation.


  • One of the largest global IP networks, offering unprecedented insight into security threats
  • Threat intel. Analysis of over 345,000 security incidents and 12,000 data breaches
  • Forensics expertise.  The ability to correlate cyber threats quickly and efficiently
  • Security portfolio. An array of detection, defense and business continuity capabilities


We’ll help you identify disruptors and desired outcomes, and build the right roadmap to accelerate your goals.


Our relationships with vetted technology providers integrate products and services to customize solutions for you.


Our service experts lead the installation, providing technical project management and adoption services.


Our integrated services can provide simple monitoring to complex outsourcing.



Verizon has been a leader and active participant in Software Defined Networking industry forums and is implementing Software Defined technology into their networking service platform which will enhance their ability to provide industry-leading products and services. SD WANN enables customers to address key business challenges and move more functionality into software, optimize traffic and treat network resources as “on demand”.


Private IP (Verizon’s Layer 3 MPLS virtual private network) enables the convergence of voice, data and video applications over an integrated network infrastructure, giving customers highly scalable connectivity that can grow with their business. Verizon offers a single-provider solution to provision services on their access & network facilities globally (Private IP Interconnect, Secure Cloud Interconnect, and Managed Solutions).


Help your customers build their businesses on a high-performance network backed by enterprise-grade, dedicated internet access. Verizon’s Internet Dedicated Services provide reliable connectivity and flexible bandwidth over a public network, so customers can share information and apps easily and quickly. Scalability from 1 to 1000 Mbps with Burstable Select and Tiered service options.


100% fiber-optic network. Fios offers the fastest Speeds up 940/880 Mbps available in select areas., most reliable internet with bandwidth for multiple devices and 4K- compatible TV picture quality. Upload and download fast. Fast upload speeds that are a close match to its download speeds. This means you can stream with virtually no buffering.


From complimentary services that support One talk sales to LTE/5G as both primary and backup access to IoT solutions including Asset Tracking.

SOVA complimentary services are designed to help close more One Talk sales and enhance the overall customer experience. We managed thousands of One Talk Sales and Installations including the largest One Talk deployment to date.


    • One talk standard and advanced support
    • Toll-Free
    • E-Fax
    • POTS Replacement
    • Overhead paging
    • Tech Alert AR Solutions



In 2020 SOVA turned up over 3,400 LTE Primary access customer locations including Cradlepoint router installation, and management of the NetCloud platform.

    • Cradlepoint routers and accessories
    • SOVA’s Netcloud managed services
    • LTE Business Internet
    • Installation
    • Customized Customer Portal
    • PDN